The bed’s getting crowded

Just because there’s only 2 of us, doesn’t mean we’re not a family, but having a third sure does make it more fun. We may not want kids right now, but we’re not heartless. We’ve recently started fostering (for 2 weeks) a little 6 year old dog named Comet. He is the sweetest, most loving cuddling dog I’ve ever met. Sometimes he gets a little carried away, like when he insists on being snuggled up against you no matter what, even when you’re working on your laptop or try to move from one side of the couch against the other. He makes sure to stay in constant contact, pressed up against you at all time or when you accidentally sit on his nose and he doesn’t move an inch because he just wants to be close to you or like last night. He insisted (and we’re pusses so we let him) on sleeping in the bed with us. We did everything we could to get him to lay at the bottom of the bed and not right up against us where we end up squished and hot all night. Then in a move I can only assume is sucking up, he went on a crazy lick fest. He’d been licking already for a good 2 minutes or so when I brought out the camera.


2 thoughts on “The bed’s getting crowded

  1. At least make him buy you dinner Corey. Haha.

  2. I had no idea how to approach this beo-oernfw I’m locked and loaded.

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