Cookie Butter Review – Warning: This snack will change your life

You like peanut butter? You like cookies? Well, they’re nothing compared to the new staple in our house, Cookie Butter.

In Amsterdam, it’s called “Speculoos”, which is a Belgian shortbread cookie. In America a name like speculoos is too foreigny sounding, so they call it Cookie Butter. Think, a nut-free alternative, a Nutella type of treat, only cookie butter can kick Nutella and peanut butter’s ass.

This is the actual conversation we had the first time we tried Cookie Butter. Imagine we’re on the Food Network doing this.

Corey – “It’s Kind of like peanut butter, but it tastes like gingerbread and is made from crushed biscuits.

Monique – “It’s VERY sticky.”

Corey – “Your brain goes ‘Mmm, It’s peanut butter’ but then your taste buds are, like, coming in from behind going ‘Eh, not so fast.’ And then your entire brain switches from peanut butter to cookies.”

Monique – “Corey, you fuckin’ described that perfectly. Perfectly! Now, I don’t know if I like it with the toast as much as I’d like it with something else (we at it spread on toast). It’s so sticky and the bread is so dry. It’s a little tough in your mouth. I think I’d like it more on top of a vanilla ice cream, maybe? Or a lighter cracker? A tart apple?”

Corey – “Your own finger.”

Monique – “Yep! Why bother with a base? Then again, you could totally pair it with jelly.”

Corey – “Yeah, but if you bring jelly into the mix,the part of your brain that first thinks ‘this tastes like peanut butter’ will win, because of the consistency. Your brain recognizes jelly with that combination. You’re gonna trick yourself.”

Monique – “Right, you’re not even actually tasting it, then,”

Corey ‘ “It’s like one of those pictures where they’ve left out some of the lines, but your brain fills in the space. That’s what would be happening. I think your brain would connect the dots and it would taste WAYYYY more peanut buttery.”
Monique – “And then when someone goes ‘But hey, that’s not peanut butter, that’s cookie butter!’ you would go Oh yeah! Now that you mention it, something does taste a little different.’ But you wouldn’t think it otherwise.”

Look, there are film experts and book reviews, but if you’re looking for a more qualified snack expert, you’re not going to find one. We did all the hard work of over thinking the treat. Now we just want to spread the good word of the Cookie Butter. Serious, this gift isn’t just a gift for your friend. Just like the first time you introduce people to The Room, you are equally filled with happiness just knowing you changed their life with Cookie Butter. Oh yeah, you can get it at Trader Joes.


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