Comedy Couples: Clay and Anissa

Meet more of our comedian friends!

Last time you met our hilarious, nerdy friends (and new parents), Derek and Natalie. This time we’re traveling from Chicago back to our home town of Kansas City to meet Clay and Anissa Morgan.

Clay and Anissa

Corey has known Clay and Anissa for almost 20 years, before any of us were married to each other, from his days back at the KC ComedySportz. Monique met them about 10 years ago when she joined the theater, which by then was called ComedyCity.

In September of 2011, Clay and Anissa bought the theater and have been breathing new life into it, continuing it’s tradition as a longtime mainstay of the Kansas City comedy scene while striving to create, innovate and cultivate a new generation of fans and participants of improv, sketch, and alternative comedy. They both still perform at ComedyCity, as well as with the groups Loaded Dice and Pretty.Funny.

– Do you make each other laugh all the time at home?

We laugh a lot! Mostly at our kids. Clay tells stupid jokes that are much funnier coming from a 7 and 9 year old.

– Does the comedy come easier because you’re married?

We probably have more experiences to draw from because we are married. Sometimes it’s easier to write sketches because you have someone to bounce ideas off of.

– How do you balance your “comedy life” with your “regular married life”?

This one is tough. Especially since Clay runs ComedyCity. We never get to have a weekend date. We sometimes grab dinner on a Tuesday when the girls are at a church class. But we always try to reserve Sundays for family time. We focus on just being goofy us.

– Describe the pros and cons of being married to a comedy partner.

We laugh a lot.
We have smart, witty, friends who keep us young.
Collaborating on comedic ideas and projects.
We are never bored.

Sometimes we wish we had a “normal” life, but then we would probably be bored.
Sometimes it’s a blow to the ego if your partner is funnier than you are or gets more attention after a show.

– Anything else you’d like to add that you think would be fun?

Two comedians definitely make funny kids. Our youngest daughter’s kindergarten teacher told us that Kenna had the best comedic timing of any kindergartner she has ever had. Screw reading and math! Our kids are funny!!!

Can I add that having a spouse that is in comedy makes for a rough crowd at home… stuff that would kill in front of the public doesn’t fly at all at home.

Live in the KC area? Here are some cool things coming up at Comedy City.

Comedy City

February 2nd – The College Improv Tournament Heartland Regional. Fun fact: They are all growing out their facial hair (I assume the ladies too?) to welcome the Beard and Mustache Club of Kansas City, who are having a meeting and enjoying the 7:30pm show with them.

Feb. 9th – Improv Thunderdome – Round 2

February 23rd – It’s their birthday! Celebrating 26 years.

Check out their website for more details!


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