Ada Grey’s (age 8) advice on marriage

A while back we asked our good friend and theater critic extraordinaire Ada Grey (Ada Grey Reviews for You) for her advice on marriage. Ada is a super smart 8 year old (NOTE: she was 7 when she told us all this below). Pay attention, she’s not wrong here.

A good marriage is where you are not too quick about it. You should at least have 20 dates before you can think about marrying that person. Because you don’t want it to be like Cinderella’s. That marriage is stupid. Because you shouldn’t get married like 2 seconds after you’ve met someone. And she doesn’t even speak to him. It is just idiocy.

They should go out to Uncommon Ground or something before they actually go out and get married.

I am making this list of all these things that help you have a good marriage. Which I think is awesome.

1. Talk about what they think about marriage. Engage in conversations about things that they like and what they dislike. For example, like somebody could not like dogs and the other person could like dogs, and they would have to converse over it.

2. They should be able to be comfortable together. When they are sitting next to each other or talking together they shouldn’t be shy and they shouldn’t be thinking am I good enough for him or her?

3. When I go to sleep at night I know my parents are going to have grown-up time. And that involves watching grown-up television and talking about things I would think are boring. And kissing. And they would also drink beer and wine and stuff—which I don’t think is bad for their relationship at all.

4. They should not fight like every single night. They should fight like every 5 or 6 weeks or so. Then that helps them understand what the other person needs.

5. You should both live in the exact same house or else you can’t have a good relationship. Like if someone lives in St. Louis and somebody else lives in California, that is not a very good marriage at all. Period.

The best things about being married are that you have someone to discuss their fears and anxieties, and that you can work together and read books together and have the exact same likings and that you want to travel to the same places. The most important thing is that you love each other.

Right?! Smart kid with a great head on her shoulders. Something that frankly many adults don’t have, but her parents have done a great job of instilling in her.

Plus, she’s also a great actress. Here’s a really fun video of when Monique and Ada reenacted “A Few Good Men” for the show “Impress These Apes”. She gives Jack Nicholson a run for his money! Make sure to also check out her blog, especially if you’re a fan of theater, kids or comedy.


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