Comedy Couples: Ever and Caitlin

So far, most of the comedy couples we’ve talked to have been improvisers. Over the last year, we’ve both been focusing more on standup comedy. While it’s certainly a different beast, we’re all  just trying to do what we love, make people laugh. The standup world can be very cliquey and at times intimidating, but two lovely women I met early on were definitely the exception to this. Turns out they also happen to be a couple. Meet Ever Mainard and Caitlin Bergh. Both ladies can be seen all over town making people laugh with their standup, but also improv, writing and storytelling.

Ever is a cast member of the highly respected Chicago Underground Comedy and produces the critically acclaimed standup showcase The Shit Show She has appeared in the Just For Laugh Festival, worked with Maria Bamford and other big names of comedy and Chicago Magazine called her one of the Top Seven Acts to Watch in 2012. Gaper’s Block said she was one of The Most Influential Women in Chicago. Check out Ever’s website HERE. 


Caitlin Bergh is a force in her own right. She is a cast member at The Lincoln Lodge and her one woman show CHUNKS received fantastic reviews. She also produces and hosts The Funny Story Show at LooseLeaf Lounge and co-produces and hosts Performance Anxiety Chicago at The Pleasure Chest. While she’s at it, she’s also a writer for In Our Words and Gapers Block.  More at


Do you make each other laugh at home?

Ever: Yes, mostly by accident. I think that we are both just silly people and I think that its great that our silliness still makes us laugh,

Caitlin: Yes, Ever does voices and impressions 24/7. I don’t know what it is actually like to date Ever Mainard. I am dating Dick Ditka, Susie Butermilk, etc. It’s more fun than monogamy

How do you balance comedy life versus regular life? 

Ever: Whats regular life? Haha, all we know is comedy life! We are very supportive of each other but we do find times for date night. We recently went to a movie at the Davis and just giggled the whole time and talked about which one of our cats would play who in Les Mis.

Caitlin: They are one and the same. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to go to your own show, then your girlfriend’s show, then your girlfriend’s other show, then your show again….so it can be harder to support your Sig. O. when they are in the same field and not burn out. Sometimes we just have to take a break from going to each other’s shows. But I’m pretty sure we’ve never had a ‘relationship life’ that wasn’t also a comedy one, you know? We met at a show, we fell for each other at an open mic, we used to kiss behind the curtain at a mic when we were first dating. It’s all intertwined.

Does the comedy come easier because you’re in a relationship?
Caitlin: No….but at least there’s someone to cry on
Describe the pros and cons of being in a relationship to a comedy partner.
Ever: Pros- you get the life and the culture, you can lean on each other, you can help each other and challenge each other.
Cons- no sleep and passing schedule.
Caitlin: Pros: she can tell me to stop freaking out if someone said “good job” after my set instead of “GREAT JOB.” Ever has a more logical brain than me. And that is the biggest pro.
The biggest con… that we don’t have a car, we are always running, we are always tired and hungry. I wish she had a car and kept healthy dinners in the pockets inside her coat. Like my kangaroo mom.
Anything else you’d like to add that you think would be fun?

Caitlin: So, we have these cats, and they are legitimately not smart. They have tiny, eensy brains. They cannot even figure out basic cat information. One of them cannot back up. It has been a blessing because we have had so much fun making fun of them. I’m so glad we adopted them just to torment them emotionally forever. But for real, we spend a lot of time doing cat voices. Today Ever was singing in one cat’s voice on the sidewalk when we realized there were people following right behind us. It was kind of embarrassing, but, if they met these dumb cats they would get it.

Caitlin and Ever

Looking for a fun night out? Check out their upcoming shows!

The Shit Show

The Shit Show is a FREE comedy showcase is held the LAST Friday of every month at 8pm at The Shambles (2050 W. Division Street, Chicago).
Local comics Rasa Gierstikas and Ever Mainard host a comedy variety show the last Friday of every month that includes emerging local comics to seasoned performers who have appeared on David Letterman, B.E.T., etc.

Prizes are given to audience members, as well as, performers with the night’s “Best Joke!” by The Shit Show’s very own Hotdog Man (Keith Paesel) -as determined by the audience.

It is officially sponsored by Fireball Whisky and Mingle Around. The show has been featured in The Onion’s A/V Club, Metromix’s “Top Theater Picks”, The Redeye’s “Shows You Must See”, Timeout Chicago and The Reader. For more information visit:

What people are saying about The Shit Show:
Chicago Now – “enamoring with our unique personality of the show.
Red Eye – a “comedy extravaganza”
The Onion – “A lot like a phoenix, except with hip, genre crossing comedy instead of a mythical fire bird”.
The Chicago Reader-”A sidesplitting.. big hearted, monthly comedy bonanza!

Check out a fun promotional video by Eliaz Rodriguez:

Lincoln Lodge and Funny Story Show

Lincoln Lodge ( and The Funny Story Show (


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